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The game

SwissQwiss is going to be asking you over 900 questions about all kinds of things from Switzerland. These may be animals, coats of arms, places, castles or federal councillors, which you should recognize. Questions from geography, politics, history, economy and much more will provide variety and challenge your knowledge in easy or difficult ways. 

Your efforts will always be rewarded by receiving in-game awards. You can always view your statistics in the corresponding menu. So that the environment in SwissQwiss does not become too monotonous, you can adjust the background of the app in the settings at any time.

The campaign

In the campaign you have to complete one level at a time to unlock the next one. The levels become increasingly difficult and end with the ultimate test. If you pass this test, you will be awarded the SwissQwiss crown.



In the "Searched" mode you can make your way through Switzerland by finding the terms you are looking for. You will only be shown the number of letters and one letter of the term. At the end of the way the Order of the Wanted is waiting for you.


Own game

In your own game you can put everything together yourself. You choose the difficulty level, the number of questions, the categories and the mode. As a mode you can put yourself under pressure by solving the game under time pressure. The "distraction function" provides special amusement and distraction. If this function is activated, the Federal Councillors personally try to disturb your concentration while you try to solve the questions.


Download for my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

SwissQwiss has been developed and tested for all Apple devices under iOS 11, 12, 13 and 14. Get your SwissQwiss today in the AppStore!