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The game

Create your own corporate empire, build complex industrial plants, expand and develop them to produce and sell countless products. 

You trade raw materials and products with your fellow players via the world market and sell finished products to local metropolises, shopping malls, jewelers, car manufacturers and many more. Here, supply and demand determine the price, so always keep a close eye on the market. Use the communication possibilities with other players to discuss your products with them and negotiate individual contracts.

Use the influence of different regions and their factors to keep production speed, costs and maintenance in line with the product. 

Team up with other companies in a group to develop common strategies and advance your interests.

From time to time, large corporations and states will approach all players in the form of quests and want to buy some material. If you deliver the necessary products, you will always be well rewarded. If you can deliver a lot, you can even get a special card, with which you can operate one of your industrial complexes much more profitably for a short time. At the end of the quest, the top-ranked player gets a rare and valuable prestige object.

Use your accumulated wealth to design your residence according to your wishes and collect the rare prestige objects and store them safely in your vault.

The Wiki helps you

At you will find a lot of information about the game that can help you at any time.

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